Every brand aspires to make a bigger impact by accelerating the web traffic on their website. Some phenomenal benefits of high website traffic are -

  • Increase in revenue by converting the traffic into paying customers. 

  • Rank higher in Google SERP.

  • Expand your audience by offering the best quality services to your current web visitors which can result in more referrals.

In this article, you will learn 10 traffic boosting hacks that experts use to grow website visitors, online sales and find potential buyers. 

These hacks can generate astonishing results for any kind of business. From an e-commerce brand or a software company to a service business, it’s highly recommended for every type of business.

Read the below pointers to get actionable tactics on how to use the platform to skyrocket website traffic


1.   Blogging to Increase Traffic 

77% of internet users read blogs. Moreover, problem-solving blog content can boost your web traffic by 2,000%. Blogs influence customers’ buying decisions. So while starting a blog, keep a few things in mind-

  1. Make the content relevant to your product or services. 

  2. Blogs should solve your potential customer’s problems. For instance, you sell acne cream. Based on your product, you can blog around topics like - Best acne cream to get rid of acne, How to remove acne? Etc.

  3. Headlines should be catchy and click-worthy.

  4. Write ‘How-to’ content and listicles content more often. Example: 5 things every girl should have in her bag.

  5. Include images wherever necessary.

  2.   Get Started With Offering Free Resources

Offering a free resource gives businesses a chance to give their customers an idea of your product or service and boost customer’s trust. Every business can find something to give their audience for free. 

For example, if you are a B2C e-commerce store, you can give a free product sample, a free coupon code or free delivery. Here is one example from MyglammXO: the company offers free products, points, and gift cards against completing their survey.

makeup product

If you are into the service industry, try free webinars, free e-book, free research downloads, free mini-courses, etc.

Another benefit of free resources is customer data. Customers have to share their details in exchange for a free offer. Hence, you can use the data for email marketing and SMS marketing.

  3.   Promote Your Brand on Social Media 

Social media is a goldmine to attract potential buyers to your website. To nail the art of redirecting social media users to your website, you should wisely choose the platform. It should be relevant to your niche. 

Tip: Research your competitors and see which platforms they are using. Also, see what kind of content they produce and how you can be different from them. Try and identify your competitive advantage.

For instance, while a women apparel e-commerce brand should make accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, a software selling company should use LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube as sources of web traffic. 

Here are five simple hacks to drive website visitors-

  1. Post engaging content consistently. Use multiple formats like image, video, audio, text.

  2. Include website URL in social media bios.

  3. Find potential customers with the help of hashtags and engage with them.

  4. Comment on influencer posts as well as target audience posts.

  5. Personalize with customers via DM.

  6. Use Facebook Advertising- Facebook is the cheapest social media advertising platform. With  2.8 billion monthly active users and 75% of high-income users, this is a high ROI platform. It offers immense reach, brand awareness and sales at the best prices.

  4.   Answer Public Questions on Micro-blogging Sites

Micro-blogging sites give an instant boost to web traffic and rankings. Here are some sites that allow you to promote your site at zero cost:-

  • Quora: Answer popular questions in your niche and include website links in the answers.

quora question

  • Medium, Tumblr, Reddit: These are the best sites to share images, videos, links, articles, etc. of your online business. 

Pinterest: It is a great choice for e-commerce brands to increase visitors, awareness and sales.

  5.   On-page SEO for Better Ranking & Traffic

To make your web pages visible on the first page of Google, on-page SEO is fundamental. It can bring relevant web traffic of people who are willing to buy your stuff. To ace on-page SEO, follow the quick practices below-

  1. Do internal linking.

  2. Find relevant keywords for every page.

  3. Sprinkle relevant keywords in titles, body, meta tags and subheadings.

  4. Use high-resolution, SEO-optimised images.

  5. Write unique content with a readable structure.  

  6.   Target Long-Tail Keywords on Your Webpages

Long-tail keywords are specific and less competitive. Hence, you can easily rank on the first page of Google by just writing a great piece of content. 

So what kind of searchers use long-tail keywords? They are the searchers who are near the purchase point and are actively searching for a solution to buy.

How to use long-tail keywords?

You can use them in blog titles and subheadings, images, youtube videos, etc., to appear in search results and secure maximum clicks. 

Examples of long-tail keywords?

They are usually 3-7 words long—for example, Paris tour packages for couples, keto diet for weight loss, etc.

Here is an example- 

google search restaurants

  7.   Create Short Videos on Youtube

Youtube entertains 2 billion users globally, and 90% of shoppers find a product through Youtube review videos or tutorials. 

Thus, including youtube videos in your marketing strategy can bring huge awareness and traffic to your website. 

As a brand, you can do - 

  1. Tutorials.
  2. Give tips on any niche topic.
  3. Suggest products.
  4. Make entertaining quizzes or Q/A videos. 
  5. Customer video review. 

Example - Short announcement video from Tesla about the launch and delivery of the Tesla Model Y which received more than 1 million views.

tesla youtube

You can also use Youtube shorts because Youtube is pushing the videos of brands that are consistently producing Youtube shorts (videos of 30 maximum seconds)

  8.   Email Marketing is the Finest Marketing Tool

Email marketing is the best way to send personalised emails according to each customer's preferences for a more personal touch. Personalised emails are more compelling and give a high web traffic advantage. There are many email tools that let you send bulk promotional emails and save you tons of hours. 

Your email should be enticing, conversion-specific, and CTA oriented. Include product links, blog links or any landing page link in your business emails templates.gmail discount

  9.   Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging is a practice of writing for a third-party website to grow your audience. Guest blogging helps businesses build relationships by partnering with other industry experts. It can also ignite site rankings if the guest site has high authority and huge web traffic.

  10.   Collaborate With Industry Influencers

Influencers are now the best source to increase brand awareness and website traffic. With swipe-up options on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, influencers can easily send their followers to your website. They are less expensive than TV actors, models, and film celebrities. 

influencer instagram

Here are things to evaluate before choosing an influencer as recommended by digital consulting experts- 

  • Their followers should be your target audience. 

  • They should post consistently. 

  • The engagement rate should be 10% - 25%


So now you have the perfect guide to get started and bring new web visitors. However, these hacks require time to bear fruits. By investing in a digital consulting partner, with experience and updated expertise in the field of digital marketing,  you can generate tons of web traffic in only a few months. We hope this article helped you out. Stay tuned with us for more related content.  

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