Now that you know the various email marketing service providers available in the market, you should be focusing on the content that you need to include in your emailer. Getting your email marketing strategy right is the key factor to see the desired results. The question is how to create high-converting copy?

Every email matters and every person it is going to matters. Sending out 200 emails with targeted content is better than sending out 20,000 random and unplanned emails.


A few things to keep in mind before sending out an email are:

The Subject line:

Nailing the subject line can be the difference between recipients opening your email, deleting it or, even worse, reporting it as spam People open your emails only when they feel they will benefit from it.

A self-explanatory and exciting subject line will define the open rate of your campaign. Make sure to keep it short 10 -60 words, related to the actual content of the email and personalize wherever possible. Use the first name of the receiver, most ESPs allows you to do that.

Preview text:

In today’s time it is not just the subject line that sells people on opening your mail. The preview text matters too! This tells the subscriber more about the content of the email.

Often this shows as the first line of the email, and thus it requires to be crafted carefully. Use 35 to 150 characters to brief the receiver more about your subject.

Preview Text


Personalized email copy performs better than general email copy. With this in mind, write your customer’s name into your email subject lines and be sure to target the body of your email so that it speaks directly to your audience.

Target the content to your audience, don’t send content relevant to a 60 year old to a 30 year old. You can customize your lists as per various demographics as suited to your brand

Crisp Content:

Focus on making your emails clear and descriptive first, and then make the catchy second. This ensures that your audience will understand the purpose of your emails. Try to have a simple, direct conversation with your audience. Sometimes, in order to make the emailer catchy, we also make it confusing. The top priority is to get the clear communication out.

Short content:

Email marketing is not the place to write lengthy content pieces. Make sure to bullet wherever possible, keep the paragraphs short and not include more than one main point per paragraph. This helps you to keep your audience’s interest and also keep you on track and on topic throughout the email campaign.


Relevance is highly important for a good email, be sure to write the content of your email about with something that will ground it as relevant and in-demand. Current affairs work well, as does some personal detail about the audience. Talk about things relevant to the brand.

This stands a better chance of grabbing the viewer’s attention!

Showcase Benefits and Outcomes:

Answer the why more than the what. Talk about how your brand will make a difference in the receiver’s life rather than what your product is. You’ll need the copy to show both the benefits they get and proof of those benefits. Give them a reason to stay on your list.


Make sure to follow your brand personality and tonality in the emailer. Your brand collaterals should cohesively reflect and resonate with your brand. While you always want to be professional, letting your personality reflect through the emails will help you to stand out of the crowd.


It’s a SIN! Don’t send out emails just for the sake. If you have something relevant and you feel that your viewers will benefit from it and in turn you might benefit from it then only send out an emailer. Also, always include an unsubscribe link in the footer.

Communication Details:

The Customer might want to know the contact details of your brand so to make it easier for them always include an address and contact details for the receiver. This is also one of the most important things when it comes to the legality for email marketing, to know about it further, click here.

Now you know how the secrets of writing email marketing copy that converts, why not check out our email marketing guide for tips on creating your overall email marketing strategy.

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