A plethora of visual stimulants on various digital platforms converge into what we know as Graphic Design. With the world going digital, graphic design is one of the most flourishing branches of Design. With the series of events that have occurred in 2020, this industry has seen hockey-stick growth and decidedly so. Let’s discuss the many facets of Graphic Design and understand its applications in Marketing.

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1. Types of Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an umbrella term that takes into account many different forms of digital design. Every aspect of the digital landscape has been designed by a conscious designer with a thorough design process to inculcate a set of senses you feel by engaging with it. Design is not just the way things look.

It’s beyond the aesthetics and deep into the realm of functionality. Design is how things work. There are many types of graphic design that are aimed to fulfill different needs and objectives. While the execution and functionality of these branches might vary, the underlying principles and understanding of the relevant user remain untouched and holy.

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2. Importance of Graphic Design in Marketing

Your social engagement and conversion are dependent on a bunch of different factors. The mutual network that coalesces everything together designs. It acts as the sole catalyst in a rapidly viewed frame.

So what is this design for marketing? Digital marketing runs on the art of persuasion. Creating a need, where one isn’t evident, and reinforcing the ones that are. In a matter of seconds, a user can feel an undeniable connection to a brand.

This is majorly influenced by the visual triggers they are exposed to. This is the power of graphic design in marketing. It acts as a bridge between your brand and your clients. If you run on a completely digital model, it represents the face of your brand.

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3. Tips to Execute Graphic Design in Marketing

Now that we understand the impact graphic design has on us, it’s time to delve deeper into the execution of cogent graphic deliverables. There are certain principles and ideas that govern the success of a design piece, despite its nature and objective. These factors are all the more effective when it comes to designing for marketing.

Irrespective of how beautiful your design is, if your digital ad doesn’t convert customers, it doesn’t work. That is why designing for marketing can entail a different process altogether.

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4. Must-Have Graphic Design Assets for Marketing

Now we understand the types of Graphic Design, their importance in Marketing, and tips to execute them. But what assets does Graphic Design entail? Which assets are absolutely imperative for use in Marketing? There are hundreds of digital assets that need to be designed for different platforms and purposes.

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Out of the entire pool of assets, only a handful might be relevant for your business. The purpose of these assets should be pre-defined to carry out a successful and effective design process with maximum yield. 

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5. Unbelievable Resources for Graphic Designers

With a bunch of readily available resources at hand, it has become easier to execute design projects in shorter time frames. It’s a smarter way to save time and needless browsing on the internet to deliver good design.

The design process is complex and has many variables that come into play at different stages. We have compiled an exhaustive list of resources for graphic designers for multiple purposes from drawing inspiration to collating digitals assets. Click here to learn more.

Graphic design has seen a shooting demand in the market in 2020. The demand has increased manifold and has created altruistic opportunities for many creative jobseekers. The influence and impact of design in marketing are becoming more and more apparent every day and rightly so. We’re seeing different brands, big and small, outpouring and investing in the right resources to drive results.

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