In the expansive world of Digital Marketing, e-mail is one of the most prominent channels as a standalone strategy, has a large direct impact on sales. Many companies have tried and tested campaigns that needed nothing more than a winning email strategy to help them massively increase their conversions.

Why is it so? Aren’t emails a thing of the past? Well, no. 

An email is the most universal form of communication, besides also being the most versatile. To put its reach into context, almost everyone who has a bank account has a personal email address. That’s a huge percentage of the entire consumer population!

Besides its popularity, you’ll also have to admit to its ease in terms of usage. Your mother, or probably, even your grandma could use it!

Even though drafting an email might seem like a super easy task, drafting a winning email that will drive sales - is no cakewalk. There are a hundred ways to go wrong, but if you can crack the right strategy, you’ve won the jackpot.

And right here is where we’d like to step in to help. We’ve managed email campaigns for a ton of our clients and we’ve only gotten better and smarter with each of them. And we’d like to share some tried and tested tips with you to help you draft awesome emails, right at the very first go! 

Let’s dive right in:


Tip #1 - Start with a click-worthy Subject Line

First impressions last. Your subject line is going to be a deal-breaker for the reader to decide whether he wants to open your email or not. Did you know that there are certain words like “click, sale, % off, now, get” that can increase the chances of the reader opening your email by over 100%? Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

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Tip #2 - Design beautiful emailers

The most common mistake that people make when drafting emails is making them solely text-based. If you’re a brand trying to reach out to prospective customers - you’re going to have to do much more than communicating through paragraphs of text.

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Using your brand’s colour palette and theme, you can make each of your emails an extension of your website or your overall design aesthetic. Use beautiful backgrounds, powerful images and even videos to up your email marketing game. One great tool we’d suggest to help you get creative with emails is Canva. You can use their pre-built templates to design beautiful newsletters for your marketing campaigns.

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Tip #3 - Use a Real Name for the Sender

Nobody likes to listen to, or let alone reply to bots. You can give your emails a personal touch by adding an employee’s name in the Sender field. This makes the reader feel like someone from your organization has personally reached out to them, and that they’re not just one among the thousands of receivers of another email blast (even though they are).Use a Real Name for the Sender- Email Marketing Tool - A blog by Talentela

Tip #4 - Personalize the email by adding the Receiver’s Name

 Marketing today is all about personalization. Even something as simple as including the receiver’s name in your greeting can make the reader much more inclined to reading through and taking action. Most email marketing services allow you to personalize emails by adding the receiver’s name in various parts of the message body. Add the name more than once, to establish a strong connection with the reader. 

 Personalise the email by adding the Receiver’s Name- Email Marketing Tool - A blog by Talentela

Tip #5 - Make ‘em curious

This is not another pop song that the kids are listening to, but a legit tip that will make your emails absolutely click-worthy. For instance, for a gymnasium brand, it's easy to write a subject line that says “Best tips to stay fit during this lockdown of 2020” followed by an email that gives out the tips. There’s a good chance that the reader might open it. But if the subject says “Man weighing 250 pounds shares the secret behind losing half his weight”, the reader will open it.

Make ‘em curious- Email Marketing Tool - A blog by Talentela

There are many ways you could invoke the reader’s curiosity through your subject line. Use a little bit of creativity to create a cliffhanger and this can turn out to be a guaranteed way for your brand to boost CTRs.

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Tip #6 - Make sure to use your brand tonality

Google can’t be writing emails in a Berkshire Hathaway tonality. They both have very different brand identities and resultant tonalities. When you send out emails to your customers, they should feel that the brand is talking to them in person. Avoid using an extremely formal tone, unless the industry you work in absolutely demands it.

Get personal by using emojis, nicknames and warm greetings, to help the customers feel the connection. You can also encourage responses and feedback from your readers to make emails more interactive, personal and effective.

Tip #7 - Automate your email marketing

There are some great tools available like Mailchimp and Hubspot that you can use for your business to automate the process of email marketing. Hubspot, for instance, allows you to create start-to-end workflows that enable you to automatically send emails to the customers right from sign-in to order placement. Email Automation is an amazing tool you must look into, to save time and reach out to your contacts effectively. 

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These are some of the most effective do’s that can help you optimize your email marketing game. Now go ahead and design some beautiful and impactful emails that can turn your campaign into a case study that we’ll be writing about next!

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