Now we understand the types of Graphic Design, their importance in Marketing, and tips to execute them. But what assets does Graphic Design entail? Which assets are absolutely imperative for use in Marketing? There are hundreds of digital assets that need to be designed for different platforms and purposes.

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Out of the entire pool of assets, only a handful might be relevant for your business. The purpose of these assets should be pre-defined to carry out a successful and effective design process with maximum yield. 

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1. Different Version of Your Logo

The logo of a company is the visual identity of the brand. A good logo is not just aesthetically pleasing but strongly communicates what the brand stands for and reinforces those ideas. Logos can vary widely in design ranging from text-based to purely imagery basic. Whatever your logotype is, it is always suggested that you have plenty of variations readily available for different uses.

These variants can be horizontal, square, icon only, dark on light, light on dark, icon + text, text only, etc. The sheer number of places where a logo is required to be added will give you only a handful of customization options. It is your duty to have the right version of your logo ready in such situations.

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2. Website

Your website is the collation of your branding, marketing and sales efforts as well as a curated space for your audience. It goes without saying that your website is probably the most important stance of your digital presence. Therefore, your website needs to be designed mindfully. A well-designed website will hold your audience’s interest and increase conversions.

A thorough analysis of your customer’s journey through different touch-points will give you a good understanding of how to design an effective and responsive website. You will be able to improvise your efforts over time with data collected from your customers.

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3. Blog Templates

Blogging can be a significant part of your brand. It can be used for a myriad of objectives such as spreading awareness, providing information or some other valuable content. Blogging can help engage your audience and drive more traffic to your website. Content is definitely the most important thing in a blog, but second to that would be its presentation.

What good would a great piece of content do if people do not find its layout and design pleasant to look at and skim through? The design of a blog should help retain the viewer’s attention and possibly even encourage them to browse through the rest of the website.


4. Email Templates

Email marketing is a classic format of reaching out to your customers and leads directly. Although the email marketing scene has its ups and downs from time to time, it remains an active form of communication, for both B2B and B2C brands. It is a wise move to get your email templates designed by a professional graphic designer.

Not only will this streamline the overall look and feel of your emails, but also ensure consistency across your communication. Have different templates designed for long-form content pieces, newsletters, promotions, etc? Once the templates are ready, you can easily execute campaigns in a systematic manner.

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5. Social Media Artwork

The power of social media is not in plain sight. The easiest way to connect with your audience is through social. It thus becomes a big responsibility to maintain your social handles that are representative of your brand and your ideas.

A good and effective social media strategy finds the right balance between high-quality content and gorgeous, easy to interpret graphics. Social media artwork is one of the most strategic graphic design spaces that can do wonders for your marketing efforts.

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6. Presentation Decks

Regardless of whether you’re making a sales pitch or presenting a quarterly report to the board, an impeccably designed presentation will go a long way. High-value content deserves a high-quality backdrop and it is the synergy between the two that gives rise to genuinely impactful presentation decks.

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7. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are getting more and more powerful every day, thanks to technology and innovation. Videos have taken the world by storm and carved out a unique place for themselves. Videos are super powerful marketing tools that can perform better with a strategic design process.

Having infographics that move make your content much easily conceivable and easy to absorb. A concise message with powerful visuals and a creative strategy can help your marketing efforts immensely.

8. Freebies

Who doesn’t like freebies? Giving out valuable content in the form of freebies can be a powerful marketing method. Well-designed infographics, artwork and other material can work as incentives and give your prospects an insight into what you do and how you do it.

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Hope this blog has helped elucidate the importance of certain assets. Learn more about different types of graphic design here.

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