“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

– Steve Jobs

What is CX?

Customer Experience (“CX”) is the outcome of every conversation a customer has had with your business. This also reduces the chances of customer complaints and returns.

Customers nowadays focus on the here and now: how this product benefits me now, how this product changes my life now. How often do customers have the time to think about products they don’t even know they can make use of?

It is important to understand your customers’ needs and what they are looking for, without losing sight of the fact that you are the expert. Aiming for small efficiency gains and incremental changes based on passive data may help your margins initially, but truly understanding your customer is what exhorts a brand fanatic revolution.

No matter how good a company’s product or service is, if its CX is not great, the company will not survive. This is how crucial CX has become for consumers.   

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The rapid outbreak of COVID-19 has presented an alarming health crisis that the world is grappling with. In addition to the human impact, the pandemic has led to the stalling of activities throughout the world.

The coronavirus flare-up has constrained organizations to reconsider how contact focuses are utilized, how representatives convey important client encounters, where they work, and how computerized channels can be utilized to help business coherence through the emergency and the future.

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During these times of crisis, the CX expectations have almost tripled when it comes to digital engagement with their preferred brands. A company that was able to connect well with its consumers pre-COVID will have to deliver the same experience via digital media during and after COVID. One thing's clear: It's the customer who is in the driver’s seat.

And in order to deliver on a better customer experience, you first need to understand who this new kind of digital customer is.

CX and Covid 19: What is the same and what has changed

While the objectives behind CX remain unshaken, the context, the operating environment have been shaken to its core by the pandemic shock waves.

All cutting-edge economies are purchaser-driven and, generally, decentralized. That is, clients have alternatives and make businesses wash out by the decisions they make. The idea of customer "decision" has a new significance, nonetheless, the unemployment rate is noteworthy.

For those lucky enough to be still employed, spending patterns have been disturbed: investment funds rates have climbed pointedly, while optional spending is down. This household fiscal conservatism may be prudent financial management, but it isn’t a very good way to reignite the economy and boost business.

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Distribution channels have been broken, disrupted and redefined. Dissemination channels have been broken, upset and re-imagined. Both the flexible chain into the firm from its providers and the outbound channels have been influenced.

CX conveyance frameworks have been overturned or reclassified. For most firms, their employees were their CX delivery system. The in-person dimension is just beginning to come back on-stream, albeit in new ways. Phone, chat and video conferencing have catapulted in importance.

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Advanced innovation has changed customer propensities. Mobile phones, Mobile applications and Mobile learning have permitted clients to get what they need precisely right now. In addition, these new computerized advances have caused a move in client desires, bringing about another sort of present-day purchaser. On account of the open doors that ascent from utilizing current innovation, clients frequently rate associations on their advanced client experience first. 

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Digital solutions certainly saved the day for many companies – the more digitally prepared a company was going into this mess, the more likely they were to not see a serious disruption in the experiences they delivered. Virtually every firm has seen its customer touchpoints and journeys disrupted, redefined and pushed to their limit. Digital-first requires you to rethink how you interact with your customers.

Tips for companies to provide helpful, impactful, and timely CX during and after the crisis:

  1. Anticipate needs

Organizations with vigorous CX programs have likely assembled client data yet those reports should be transformed into bird-cage liners now. To make significant projects that will drive positive CX, organizations need to relearn the moving needs of their clients.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused essentially everybody to re-evaluate their priorities. Organizations should concentrate on tackling issues for clients; else, they will fear appearing to be deceitful. Listening is the key. Seeing how to deliver client needs to originate from a position of sympathy with a predisposition toward how you can be useful to your clients.

  1. Take relevant action

Relevance is critical to fruitful CX programs since it addresses the two essential components at play: First, the endeavours must be lined up with business systems and seek the eventual benefits of the organization; second, the components of the program must be signed at the time and in the general setting.

A CX pioneer should fabricate programs starting with the business technique and figuring out what is imperative to long haul achievement—regardless of whether it implies re-evaluating important information sources like relationship overviews.

The more organizations can internally align on goals, the easier it is to drive momentum with stakeholders and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. 

  1. Be timely

When confronted with the moving and developing needs of customers, timely responses are just as significant as convenient sources of information. The same is valid with purchasers: They are not liable to respond well to obsolete and irrelevant CX endeavours.

Timeliness shows customers you respect their reality, which is more relevant than ever in this emotionally loaded environment. Organizations ought to be taking this opportunity to follow up with people quickly, presenting significant arrangements, and indicating their appreciation like never before previously.

Customers can be moved to action by notifications, outreach efforts, and programs that are not only relevant but also timely. Organizations that exhibit the capacity to associate and rapidly impart in the ever-changing scene will be remunerated with dedication.

  1. Connect on an individual level

CX leaders can drive business objectives, anticipate the needs of customers, and deliver more humanity by giving support teams much more flexibility to simply connect. We should start all of our CX conversations by asking about the well-being of the people on the other side of the connection.  

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CX is a vital tool in an age in which enterprises struggle to differentiate, but leaders in the space often need to reduce people to measurements and study the numbers to determine success. Companies cannot meet their business objectives unless they are connecting with their customers. In today’s fast-moving world, where there is a need to be always connected, companies are forced to seriously consider implementing a digital transformation strategy, if they haven’t already.

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